About Me

Hi, Welcome to KMB ENTERPRISES. This is SK.Karimulla M.Sc,B.Ed,BL (born in the year 1980.). I have started making money (Rs.300/- Per month) as a part time teacher along with my college studies. During my fascinate teaching, I have investigated a number of case studies on High school children.Sk.Karimulla

My investigation inferred me that the need of systematically build learning material to make learning process easy and interesting. I have published a book of Biology on the name of “SK’s Study Material” in the year 2002 for X class students. This work made me popular among the students and APTCA honoured me with “Best Teacher Award”.

Unintentionally I made as a self employed person after publishing the book. This made me realize, if  I am the boss of an organization I can become master of the craft and also achieve individual freedom, financial freedom and better status in the society. By keeping this in view I have started a school with a minimum investment and run it successfully under my complete supervision from 2006 to 2012.I have gained around 50 Lakhs, though I served the parents with affordable and reasonable fee structure by implementing an impressive business plan.

In 2012, with a great intensive desire to train the youth in making money, I took a key role in the participation of various workshops on self employment projects. During the same period I have started manufacturing various home based products with a less investment. For this I have received successful entrepreneur award form NIRD. In 2013 I have launched an organization on the name of KMB ENTERPRISES to train the people on how to make money as a second income.

In a single sentence all my experience is a  journey of 15 years in making money from Rs.300/- per month to Rs.75,000/- per month. This experience may help the youngsters to achieve the success of journey  only in 5 years with reasonable investment.

At Preset all my activities i.e., training, counseling, consulting and placements are running under three organizations… KMB ENTERPRISES, HAFI EDUCATIONAL HUB and SS DESIGNS.

We provide Business Ideas and Training on


B. Preschool Education


Target Must be:

  1. Must be realistic and meaningful
  2. Must be defined
  3. Must be pleasure giving
  4. Must be achieved step by step
  5. Must be flexible according to situations
  6. Must not make a person alone

Ambition in Life :

Every person must have his own ambition. A person without ambition is a boat without rudder. He does not know how to make a proper life. A person without aim is like an arrow without a target. He does not know how to utilize his energies to the best possible ways.

Ambition is a great incentive to work. If we have an ambition, we can pursue it all our life without feeling tired. It drives us on and on quit tirelessly. We decide early in the life about what to become in the future. The whole world is open before us. We should make up our mind about our career or business as early as possible.

  “People do not lack strength, they lack will”

                                                                 – Victor Hugo

     ” Man’s power of choice enables him to think like an angel or a devil, a king or a slave”

                                                                              – Frederic Bailer

Essentials Of An Ad…

  1. Must be simple and clear
  2. Easily understandable
  3. Use heart touching words
  4. Select a good caption
  5. Should not give false information
  6. Information should be reasonable and acceptable


“A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption on our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider to our business. He is a part of it. We are not doing him a favour by serving him. He is doing us a favour by giving us an opportunity to do so.”



Advertising attracts not only consumer eyes and ears but also their pockets. When a woman buys a cosmetic product, she pays around 20 percent to some advertiser or the other. Although certain things cost more because of advertising, yet some other things cost less. Newspaper, magazines, commercial radio stations and television broadcasts carry advertisements, which help the producers lower the cost of production. In this way, we get information and entertainment at lower prices, which would otherwise, had to be paid for and so, what the consumer lose on the swings, is gained by them on the roundabout.

Advertising, to some extent, ensures that a product would maintain its quality. It also gives rise to competition among the manufacturers and the customers get the benefit of choosing from a wide range of products. Competition may even succeed, in some cases, in reverting the influence of advertising and causing a reduction in price.

Guns don’t kill the people; People kill people.
– US General Bobby slogan



Be Successful With The Following : 

  1. Self Confidence
  2. Self Esteem
  3. Highly Resourceful
  4. Good Communication
  5. Proper Business Plan
  6. Discipline
  7. Industrial Knowledge
  8. Vision Oriented
  9. Hard Working
  10. Transparent & Humble

20  ways to relieve stress :

  1. Wake up 15min earlier
  2. Don’t rely on your memory…Write it down
  3. Practice preventive maintenance
  4. Say “No” more often
  5. Avoid Negative people
  6. Use Time wisely
  7. Always make copies of important papers
  8. Anticipate your needs
  9. Break large tasks into small portions
  10. Smile please
  11. Be aware of the decisions you make
  12. Believe in yourself
  13. Stop saying negative things to yourself
  14. Visualize yourself winning
  15. Develop your sense of humour
  16. Have goals for yourself
  17. Work at being cheerful and optimistic
  18. Do everything in moderation
  19. Pay attention to your appearance
  20. Strive for excellence, not perfection


Discipline is the one of the most important factors in getting success. Discipline requires self control and respect for others. The important formula of discipline is Do not do to others, what you do not want to be done to you. If you do not like others not to throw stones at you, you must not throw stones on others. If you want others to respect you, first you must learn to respect others. This is the fundamental law of Discipline.

Self imposed discipline is the best of all. It is a pleasant experience. In a simple way discipline means doing our duty simply, silently, sincerely and also seriously. If all people are devoted and dedicated to their dutifulness, there shall be a perfect discipline which is an essential key for success.

  “Success doesn’t come to you, you go to it”

Reasons For Failure:

  1. Lack of knowledge
  2. Lack of planning
  3. Lack of experience
  4. Lack of sufficient investment
  5. Lack of marketing skills
  6. Fault in price fixing
  7. Lack of decision making skill

Keep Ekalavya in mind and upgrade yourself

A question most of our young men should put to themselves is: what up gradation they find taking place in themselves as years roll on? The potential as observed at the beginning of a career or a business may have to get multiplied many times, say, in the next 23 years and should make the individual an employer himself, rather than seeking job in pastures new.

The awareness among young seeking knowledge and training is lacking in many respects. Not everything should be heard from the mouth of the professor or should be seen demonstrated by the trainer for the young one to turn out to be stalwart. The carving and burning zeal requires to be developed for cutting short the incubation period and also for the muscles for taking up wonderful world class jobs or business. Nobody will give away a plum salary return. This ability could be consistently developed by continuing the learning process even after concluding the institutional education.

If A is success then A equals ‘X’ + ‘Z’
‘X’ is work and ‘Z’ is keeping your mouth shut

– Albert Einstein