Welcome to the KMB ENTERPRISES. This is Karimulla.Sk, born in the year 1980. I Completed post graduation and Bachelor of Education. I have started earning money (Rs.300/- Per month) as a part time teacher along with my college studies. During my fascinate teaching, I have investigated a number of case studies of school and college students.

My investigation inferred me the need of systematically build learning material to make learning process easy and interesting. To pursue the objective concern to my educational background I have published a book of Biology on the name of “SK’s Study Material” for X class students. This work made me popular among the students and APTCA honored me with “Best Teacher Award”.

On 2012, with a great intensive desire to train the youth in making money, I took a key role in participation of various workshops of self employment and employment projects. During the same period I have started manufacturing various home based products with a less investment. For this I have received successful entrepreneur award form NIRD. On 2013 I have launched an organization on the name of KMB ENTERPRISES to train the people on how to make money as a second income and main income.